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Christian Care

What is Christian Care?

Christian care is at the heart of what we do at Anglicare.  It flows from our faith in Jesus Christ which compels us to serve others, help the vulnerable, and be a voice for the disadvantaged. We want to follow Christ’s example, reaching out to others with the same compassion he has shown us.

Treating people with dignity and respect

We believe that every person is made in God’s likeness.  That is why Anglicare seeks to meet people's physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs regardless of their circumstances, age, race, religion or cultural background.

Accepting and supportive

Whichever service you require we want you to feel welcome, accepted and supported. We help individuals and families; our services assist children and youth through to older people. Our wide range of services covers residential aged care, support services in your home, relationship counselling, emergency assistance with food, financial counselling, and low or no interest loans to name a few.  Please see Find Help for a full list of services.

Working with others to improve their wellbeing and quality of life

Anglicare provides practical support and hope to people in times of need.  Whatever your reason for coming to Anglicare, you can be confident that our professional staff are trained to listen, understand and support you. They will endeavour to work with you - focusing on your strengths, building independence, and helping you achieve your personal goals.

Jesus’ teaching to love one another as he loves us inspires Anglicare's values and motivates our staff because we believe Christian care is life-changing.

Tania came to Anglicare extremely stressed, behind in her rent and facing eviction.  She was being treated for cancer and had recently gone into remission. She also had four children and the prospect of homelessness was badly affecting her mental and physical health.  Anglicare assisted her rent issue and provided counselling.

Anglicare’s assistance gave me greater self-esteem, and now I’m a stronger person.  I left Anglicare feeling like I still had dignity, which I had been losing every day.  Tania* (*Not her real name.)