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Anglicare Adoptions

Services Provided

Anglicare Adoption Services provides a range of adoption services in NSW for children and families.

Anglicare Adoption Services works with parents who may be considering adoption for their child, and with prospective adoptive families, to achieve the best outcome for each individual child. Support and assistance is also provided to those affected by a past adoption, who may want to access their adoption information, or request assistance to find or connect with a family member.

Voluntary Adoption

There are many reasons why a parent may not feel able to raise their child. Voluntary adoption offers a way for parents to make a plan for their child, so they can be cared for in a permanent, loving family who feel ready and equipped to meet the child’s needs.

Before making an adoption decision, parents are given plenty of time and support to make an informed choice about whether adoption is right for them and their child.


Considering adoption for your child?

Whether you are pregnant and thinking about adoption, or whether you have recently given birth and are considering adoption, you can contact Anglicare to find out about our adoption services.  

Anglicare is able to provide you with:-

  • Information about adoption, either before or after the birth of your baby.
  • Counselling regarding your circumstances, and assistance to consider adoption and other options, based on the supports and services that are available.
  • Temporary voluntary foster care whilst you consider a plan for your baby’s future.
  • Information about how placements with adoptive families are made, including your choice about which family your baby is placed with,
  • Information about open adoption, and how parents can choose to have ongoing contact with their child after they are placed with their adoptive family.

Contact us to find out more about adoption through Anglicare:-

ph 9890 6855  

email adoption[at][dot]au


Interested in becoming an adoptive parent?

Anglicare has two placement programs.

The Local Adoption Program places children who have been born in NSW and who do not have additional or specific care needs.

In order to be approved as adoptive parents applicants must:-

  • Attend an Information Session to receive general information about adoption in NSW,
  • Receive an invitation to take part in our Adoptive Parent Training Program
  • Submit an application, and undergo an assessment to be approved as adoptive parents

The Special Needs Program places children who might have a medical condition or a physical or intellectual disability.

In order to be approved as adoptive parents for a child with special needs, applicants must:-

  • Contact Anglicare Adoption Services to register their interest in this program
  • Be invited to attend an Information Session when a placement is needed for a child with special needs.
  • Receive an invitation to take part in an Special Needs Training Program
  • Submit an application, and be invited to undergo the Assessment Process, as the preferred adoptive parents for the child.



Prior to an adoption application, eligibility is subject to the following criteria:

Age - The upper limit for the first placement and adoption through the Local Program is 43 years of age. The application process from initial enquiry to approval usually takes at least one year. The upper limit for the placement of a child through the Special Needs program is more flexible, depending on the needs of the child.

Relationship - Applicants need to have been married, or in a de facto relationship, for a minimum of two years. Single applicants may be considered for a child with special needs, depending on their capacity to meet the needs of the child.

Citizenship - The applicant, or one of the joint applicants, must be an Australian citizen at the time when the child for adoption is placed with them.

Health - Applicants must be in good general health with a normal life expectancy.  Applicants must be non-smokers.

Infertility - Applicants who wish to adopt through the Local Program need to provide details on the nature of the infertility, including unexplained infertility,

Infertility treatment - Although a couple may be undergoing fertility treatments during the initial enquiry and training stages, all treatments for infertility must cease prior to submitting a formal application to adopt. Infertility treatment cannot resume while an adoption application is active.

Reputation - Applicants will be asked to demonstrate that they are of good repute as evidenced by Anglicare screening, police checks and Community Services records. Applicants are also asked to provide references.

Geographical proximity - Applicants must live within a 200 km radius of Sydney so that Anglicare can provide ongoing support to the placement

Contact us to find out more about becoming an adoptive parent:-

ph 9890 6855

email adoption[at][dot]au


Interested in providing pre-adoptive foster care?

Pre-adoptive foster carers play a vital role in the lives of babies being placed for adoption. In addition to providing physical and emotional care, they help infants to develop the secure attachment essential for them to thrive in their future family.

Contact us to find out more about providing pre-adoptive foster care:-

ph 9890 6855

email adoption[at][dot]au


Affected by past adoption?

Ongoing support is provided for all main parties to an adoption, where the adoption was made through our agency. This may be for a recent adoption, or for an adoption made many years ago.


Post-adoption support services include:

Support and counselling to adoptive families during the early stages of the child’s placement, prior to application for a permanent and legal Adoption Order.

Ongoing counselling and support for adoptive and birth families as required.

Managing exchange of information between birth and adoptive families.

Arranging and mediating meetings.


Additional post-adoption services for historical adoptions

Providing information held on an adoption record, according to regulations, to birth parents and adopted persons who want to find out more and/or search for birth relatives.

Counselling in regards to making contact and facilitating contact and reunions

Ongoing support and counselling for all main parties as required.

Contact us for assistance with a past adoption:-

Ph 9890 6855

email adoption[at][dot]au


Contact us to find out more about providing pre-adoptive foster care.

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