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Foster Care

Anglicare Sydney provides foster care throughout Metropolitan Sydney within NSW Department of Family and Community Services metropolitan districts.

Children come into foster care for many different reasons. It may not be safe for them to remain with their birth family as they may be at risk of harm from neglect or abuse. Some parents are not able to provide adequate care for their child due to ill health, drug and alcohol addiction or intellectual disabilities.  Anglicare provides Foster Care to make a difference for these children by providing them with a foster family to nurture, encourage and relate to them in a caring, understanding home environment.

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Foster Care Services

Permanent / Long Term Care

Long term placements are for children placed in care under a final order until 18yrs, sometimes with a view to adoption.

Adoption from Foster Care

Facilitating the adoption of children who are in permanent Foster Care placements.

Respite: Weekend and Brief-stay

Weekend respite offers regular support to a child in a current placement, usually one weekend a month. Brief-stay respite may be required to allow carers to take a break or holiday, or in a medical emergency.


Crisis or emergency care provides a secure, safe setting for a child or sibling group very soon after being removed due to care and protection concerns. Referrals are received 24 hours a day and placements may be made after hours.

Short-term care

Short term or temporary placements, sometimes lasting a year or more, are for children who are waiting a Children’s Court decision on their long term future, or who are to be restored to the care of their parent/s.

Foster Care Information Booklet

Wanting to provide pre-adoptive foster care?

Contact us to find out more about providing pre-adoptive foster care

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