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Winter Appeal 2017

When you look at our city and diocese, what do you make of the refugee, the single mother, the homeless man? ​

Often we form a neat category, a generalisation, ultimately we put people in a box that we can then close the lid on and insulate ourselves from the complication and the heart cry coming from within.

Sarah lived through the nightmare of being sexually, physically and mentally abused under the care of her own mother. As an adult, she tried to blur the visions of a childhood no one should have to endure. Due to her horrific childhood Sarah isolated herself from society and struggled to raise her four children, girls aged two, six and 14 and a nine-year-old boy. Sarah was also behind on her rent and at risk of being homeless.

We believe that every person we serve has been hand made by God, precious and dearly loved by our Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore worthy of our respect, our time and our love.

We challenge you to rip open the box, look inside and welcome out an image bearer of God, see their inherent value, see them in their uniqueness, and identify with a person just like you and I.

Anglicare can help people like Sarah but not without your help.



If you’d like to know how your church can support our Winter Appeal, email donations[at][dot]au or call 13 26 22.